Sitemap - 2023 - Supervised

32 wild guesses for what happens in AI in 2024

Will AI finally take real-time data mainstream?

The market for open source models is coming together

A classic data problem is taking hold as AI gets ready for production

Google's weird Gemini launch and the framework abstraction dilemma

AI in November: Embeddings take off and consumption models bounce back

29 startups in AI I'm watching closely after OpenAI's meltdown

The Observability Game

Satya Nadella is, once again, altering the trajectory of AI

With Sam Altman out, where does OpenAI go from here?

How Notion is tackling one of AI's biggest looming problems

Is OpenAI about to replace a bunch of startups? It's complicated

OpenAI clears out some developer debt

OpenAI clears out some developer debt

Snowflake plunges into AI and OpenAI faces a new embedding challenger

The embedding model market is heating up

How AI could change the work of data engineers

The frenzied cash burn in AI is starting to look pretty familiar

AI in September: Reasoning engines, OpenAI goes consumer, and the data quality dilemma

AI is finally granting Mark Zuckerberg's wish

The emerging reasoning stack

The data stack sprawl clears the way for Databricks

Ad-hoc promotions and "AI for Everyone"

Pocket falcons and a quantized future

AI in August: Dwindling hype, unexpected uses, model gardens, and sprawling stacks

OpenAI's business model starts to take shape

MapReduce, TensorFlow, Vertex: Google's bet to avoid repeating history in AI

Greedy models and Nvidia's open source blind spot

Hugging Face's next act: growing into a $4.5B valuation

A clever way to sidestep some of AI's biggest issues is on the rise

Rethinking how we define the new "iPhone moment"

An AI investor dilemma on the horizon

Model evaluation and the human on the other side

Model shelf life and the AI ouroboros

AI model reliability and the open source opportunity

Web crawlers and precision data sets

DataDog's data scientist experiment and Postgres' forward march

License tweaks and "open source" in AI

AI in July: OpenAI caves to developers, RAG in focus, agents pick up steam, and Llama 2

What the suits said about AI this quarter

GPT-4 as a coding tutor

Context windows and GPT-4's response quality

The open source learning curve for AI researchers

Llama 2 has entered the chat

Divide and Conquer

(No) one foundation model to rule them all

Turbulence in the AI honeymoon period

An AI model deprecation dilemma

Language models and the future of the semantic analyst

The (half) year in review

Databricks scoops up more of the new AI data stack

Databricks and Snowflake's rivalry in AI enters a new chapter

MongoDB enters the race to power AI

The bigger the (sometimes) better

Research as recruiting and Meta's hardware constraints

The race for open source language models is heating up

OpenAI's push to own embedding models

How salaries are keeping up with the generative AI hype cycle

How the GPU crunch is forcing the AI developers to adapt

Agent-based workflows and waterfall effects

Reading the tea leaves for Apple's AI plans

Falcon, LLaMA, and the new scoring craze

Nvidia, foundation models, and the future long tail

Fans as a Moat

What Neeva's quiet exit tells us about the future of AI startups

Hugging Face's GitHub moment

Apple's chance to remake AI development

The first round of AI chip startups is hitting a snag as Meta and others embrace Nvidia

OpenAI's CEO wants AI regulated. The tech is still evolving too fast to even define what AI is.

The most popular technique in AI is hitting a wall. What comes next?

Parrots, Geckos, and Frameworks as a Business

The second act of the pre-GPT AI hype train

An AI model in your pocket

Google's open source panic and AI's expiring rookie contracts

The mad dash for the new AI data stack

Generative AI's Looming Job Title Conundrum

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